Some friend of mine showed me this wierd site today:

Will It Blend is such a wierd site, where they try to put stuff into a blender – and I don’t mean food – and try to see whether the blender can takes it or not. Things like a baseball, iPhone and even a Guitar Hero guitar! They have stuff categorized by “Try this at home” and “Don’t try this at home”, as if they encrouage people to put stuff into their blender other than food! I wonder if you can ever put anything eatable once plastic has been blended. I also wonder how long it actually takes to blend these objects as the videos are all cut and not one-shots.

As you can see from the logo, it’s powered by BlendTec, the brand that makes the TotalBlender, and as you can guess, this is a viral marketing site. The Wikipedia-entry is pretty interesting to read, as it seems that this guy has quite a following!


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