It’s my little sister’s birthday, so I bought her a badminton racket, a few shuttles and a DVD with a name quite embarassing to mention in this journal. Not only did I buy things for her, but during shopping I bought a few nice thingies for myself too. I bought two books, “Ways to live forever” by Sally Nichols. The layout reminded me of another book which title I forgot (something like “the mystery of the dog who disappeared in the night”), so it looked quite interesting to me. The other book I bought was a book with quotes of Dutch celebrities/politicians/etc. The funny thing is that these quotes are of Dutch people speaking English, so essentially it’s a book about how Dutch people suck in English. There are sentences with grammatical mistakes like “but some people are not interesting” instead of using “interested” to sentences which are translated literally like “we are there too basy” (there is something we put in Dutch, but obviously not in English). So yeah quite funny.

But what is the point of the whole story?

Oh yeah, not only did I buy two books, I also finally got hold of an USB stick of 2GB (Kingston, 10 EURO) and can finally use an USB stick with a capacity something larger than 256MB! The interesting thing about having a large capacity USB-stick is that you can put in Portable Apps, applications that need to be installed on your USB stick and can be run from it.

You’ve got your basic open-source programs there, but my favorite browser, Opera, is also to be downloaded in portable format (so you can have mouse gestures and your bookmarks with you!) and other applications as well. Just try to find some Adobe programs with “USB” or “portable” behind it and you find some amazing stuff. Really cool to have those programs running from a computer in your university’s computer lab!

So check that out – I’m currently thinking of not installing any of those programs locally again, but only on my USB-stick. I’m wondering how that works out…