For those who don’t know Line Rider, it’s pretty cool. It’s the latest Internet phenomenom since 2006 and it’s probably one of the most fun things I’ve done lately.

Okay, maybe not..

I have not used the Line Rider program at all, nor did I read the Wikipedia-entry. But as fas as I understand, it’s a program where you draw a level and there’s this automated play when the play is pressed. So my knowledge doesn’t bring you very far as in what Line Rider is about, but I do know that there are some awesome movies in YouTube, like the following one where the first level of Super Mario Bros. is remade and even set up with sound effects:

There are also Tutorial videos for those interested (which I didn’t watch). Also, this guy has some really neat ones. And for the sake of filling my journal with unnessecary YouTube-embeds, here is another one!

Have fun!