I had a talk with a friend a few days ago about (hiphop) beat production. Nowadays there are a lot of people who can make beats (or other music as well, but I’m talking about beats because they’re short segments which are looped over and over) – or at least who think they can make beats. Check out the next movie – and one of the comments stating that it is a “waste of equipment” is quite right. Still, it is funny watch though, not only the beat he creates is silly, but also his whole way of talking is as if I’m back in the 8th grade! Fifteen minutes beat can never be good…

That night I watched a documentary called “The Beat Kings”, which is probably one of the worst shot documentaries – in terms of sound and picture quality, also editing-wise – but in terms of information it is pretty interesting. These are producers who are responsible for classics like Marley Marl, Pete Rock, Premier, RZA and some more names. It’s interesting to see how they started and what equipment they used to have. One of the things most of them mentioned is that beat-making (or music-making) is so easy nowadays with programs like Pro Tools (or Reason or whatever you have), but like they’re saying and what is evidented by the “producer” in the movie up, it is not what you use and what technology have in your hands, but it is what comes out from it.

The documentary is pretty interesting, but with the drawback that it is 45 minutes only and the production value is pretty low (I mean, they are interviewing Swizz outside in front of his car and Kanye is interviewed in an empty echo-filled room – what were they thinking?). So if you can get your hands on it (or string together all the Youtube movies together from beat kings – check the “related movies on the right”), take a look at it!