Twitter is a relatively new (one-and-a-half-year) social networking site used for micro-blogging. It’s essentially SMS text-messaging to the world (wide web), meaning that your posts cannot use more than 160 characters.

It’s pretty cool for people who want to let the world know what they’re doing: it’s easy to update your Twitter through SMS, so if you have a mobile phone it’s updatable anywhere. But of course, it can be used for other stuff as well: writing down your thoughts, reporting events at events/happenings or even reporting certain updates in your site which don’t require a whole new post. Of course I won’t use it to report my what I’m eating or which underwear I’m trying to choose from, but I’ll try to create status updates of the site.

So yes, I’m trying to expand this site, but it takes some time to do so. Just be patient!