For those who don’t know abandonware, they’re basically games that are not owned or copyrighted anymore. These are mostly games from the old PC era and games from consoles that have obsolete technologies. It’s a bit of a grey area, but sites like Abandonia or Home of the Underdogs offer abandonware for download. It’s pretty cool, because you get to see all the cool games old-school gamers like me had to play. Unfortunately, there are still companies like LucasArts

If you’ve got time you should try out Nyet III, which is one of the best Tetris-variants ever made. It’s a game with all sort of short Tetris challenges, combines with item-use!

Anyway, where I wanted to go to is the following: from a post at the forum of insert credit I’ve found a site called AbandonGames, only for doujin games. Even though you should of course get them through legal means if possible (like buying them through sites like Palet Mail or Himeya), DoujinStyle is truly useful for games that are really hard to get, especiallly outside Japan.

Check out the doujin shmups if you can, there are some really great ones between them!