People make the strangest sort of modifications for technological devices. A post came up in several sites on the Internet, like the hacking thread on the Fort90-forum of a Japanese guy who modded phones, like this Game & Watch phone he modded.

He also modded a Wii-mote into a Wii-mote phone.

This reminded me Sidetalkin’, a site that was launched just after the Nokia N-Gage was launched. The gaming-device-slash-phone had this unique way of using the phone-function and that was sideways (the mic and speakers were located on the side). Because of this unique function, several people started to use gaming accessoires and devices to pretend they were talking sideways. And a site was born containing a collection of images.

It has been updated since I last saw it and looking at the site, unfortunately, the newest N-Gage QD doesn’t support the sidetalking function. So sidetalking seems to be dead in anno 2008! And Sidetalkin’ is holding a petition to keep sidetalking alive!

What more do you want?