Are there any other Keyboardmania controllers? That is one of the questions that lead a certain person (or maybe multiple?) to my site through Google. As I am not able to give a direct response and do know the answer, I just write a post about it. And the answer is:


Probably hundreds of different sorts!

As evidented on the movie up here, it is possible. When you have a MIDI keyboard, the only thing you have to buy is a generic MIDI-to-USB converter (I got one for $40) and voila! This is because KeyboardMania II for the PS2 (not the first one) supports USB keyboards. The only problem is when you have a MIDI keyboard that is powered through the MIDI-port and does not have an own power supply.

Yes, unfortunately that happened to me. And I never got to play Keyboardmania.

But if you want proof, read the KeyboardMania II FAQ for the PS2 on It does say Yamaha keyboard (but on message boards I heard other brands are possible too), so maybe it’s save to get a Yamaha keyboard if you want to get one specific for KayboardMania II. IF you already have one, try that one.

And if you don’t own KeyboardMania, but do have a MIDI keyboard attached to your PC, there’s always DoReMi Mania, which is the StepMania, only for KeyboardMania. So for those who don’t know, it’s the freeware/fan version of KeyboardMania, with the great thing that you can make your own songs. It takes .pms files, but .midi files can be converted into those giving you a billion more songs to play on!


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