To follow up my previous post, a recent discovery of mine is the whole deep fry culture… of candy! I actually once had the idea to open up a shop where everything could be “tempura-ized”, even candy, but it seems places already exists where you can buy deep-fried candy! Like this place where you can buy deep fried Snickers

According to the Wikipedia-entry about deep fried Mars it started in Scotland where they already did some chocolate-deep-frying! It was actually an urban legend at first, but a few years ago places started to pop up where you could buy them – and not only deep-fried Mars bars.

Fried candy actually looks gross and is probably really bad for your health – and even though I never had one, it does really intrigues me! So I will probably be doing that one of these days, because it looks simple enough. There are quite some recipes, like this one or more here, but most of them look similar enough: keep the bar chilled (in the fridge, but now freezed), dip it in batter, then deep-fry it. I think I’m going to try it with tempura-batter.

When I’m done I’m going to take pictures for you all to enjoy!

Here’s a guy who tried frying his own Snickers (and for some reason that sounded very wrong) if you want to check out how well it works for people at home. It’s weird to see what kind of stuff people deep fry: Oreos is in between that list and even coke!