People that know me, know I love candy – especially chocolate. What’s pretty cool about the Internet is hhow there’s actually a site for everything. For the wierdest things. But also for the most normal things.

Like candy.

Candy Blog is a website that reviews all sort of candy and the site is pretty good. Besides the fact that that most of the pictures are really well taken and display candy that makes me drool, his reviews are well-written. There’s just a lot of information and a lot of candies that are reviewed: if you look at the sidebar you can see you’re able to filter the results by type, brand, rating and even country! I wish I had his job. Or at least had access to all that candy (most of them aren’t available here in Holland).

It’s really cool to hear something like All Candy Expo exists.

Candy Addict is another good site about candy. The layout isn’t really something to write home about and neither are the reviews as specific as candy blog (there’s not a lot of reviews), but there’s more information regarding the candy lifestyle – whatever great that may be! It’s less serious and seems more about posting fun stuff about candy. They’ve got great features too, like the 10 grossest candy. Or about a visit in the Naked Chocolate Cafe (pic above).

That reminds me.. I gotta brush my teeth!


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