I’ve been a bit behind with the posts (I have to do six actually), so I will post 2 posts per day for today and the following 2 days.

And yes, this is one post.

I will try to keep an average of one post per day until the end of february. After that I’ll try to experiment more with articles. At first I thought that having an update often will attract people, but search engines, blogs and forums will only pick up on you when you got an interesting article, something unique to contribute. And as for now I only got short posts with information you can also find elsewhere.

On a sidenote, I’ve been trying to integrate the forum (phpBB) with this blog (WordPress), so forum posts can get automatically put on the blog, together with all the comments – or the reversed of that. I found WP-United, but after trying to install it for an hour I found out it’s actually quite useless: it can show your forum with your blog header or the reversed. I thought integration meant something else, but I guess their views were quite simple about it (and their site doesn’t really specify what their package does). The only thing that’s nice is that the accounts of the blog and the forum are the same.

So after some more searching I came across two solutions that probably does what I want: bbPRess is a forum made by the same people that made WordPress, so integration is possible with plug-in. The problem is (besides all the comments on that page with people having problems) that bbPress doesn’t look like a forum that is as full-grown as phpBB is (or vBulletin or Invision for that matter), so I think I’m going to skip on that.

The second solution is this, which I need to read through and experiment with. If you have any other links to plugins for what I want, please let me know!