Friday I went to this Vietnamese (but American) indie folk/country/rock singer called Thao Nguyen (you prenounce it as “nguwin” with the “ng” as in “bling”) in the Paradiso here in Amsterdam. A friend asked me whether I wanted to go, even though we both didn’t know her. It’s something we sometimes do: we check the list of upcoming performances and then search for their music on Google, Youtube and Myspace. There are some good unknown people out there and it doesn’t cost much to go.

The performance was pretty good, she has quite a unique voice, her guitar play is good and she and the drummer played with much energy. Normally she’s with a whole band called The Get Down Stay Down, but in this performance only the drummer was there. But that didn’t make the performance worse, instead her guitar play got more chance to shine. I guess I’m just a sucker for these type of acoustic performances!

I was just to bad there weren’t many people there, just thrity I think.

Check more on her MySpace profile if you’re interested!