Edward Tufte is one of the people who writes books about information visualization and is one of the people who criticizes the common use of PowerPoint. In a way it’s true that it is tempting for people to use (for them new) flashy features of a program, I still think giving a good presentations in general is quite hard to do.

Meet Don McMillan. I have no idea who he is, but from the other YouTube movies I’ve seen he’s kinda a nerdy stand-up comedian who uses computer programs as jokes (or at least, those are his strongest points as those are the ones on YouTube). He illustrates how not to use PowerPoint visually.

There’s just one thing I’m missing from this: the use of the font Comic Sans.

For those who don’t know what the font Comic Sans is, open your Microsoft Word (or OpenOffice or even Wordpad for that matter) and select the font “Comic Sans”. You know instantly what font it is and how many times it had been used.. wrongly! Read more about it in the Wikipedia-entry of Comic Sans.

So there’s site dedicated to banning Comic Sans: bancomicsans.com. Yeah, I’m one of those people who hate Comic Sans! Besides the fact that it doesn’t look good (taste differs per person of course), it seems that this is the type of fonts people use just because they like it, it doesn’t matter what type of presentation or design they’re doing. You just can’t take somebody seriously when this font is used.

It’s always the same: use what you need, according to the goals you’re trying to achieve. Don’t make decisions upon your liking towards something: eventually it’s not you, but other people who you have to convince.

But of course.. it’s possible that you’re entirely lazy – but that’s another story!

/looks at this layout



PS. I will follow up with some more entries towards today, in order to catch up, so don’t worry!