I used to watch anime and still do. But I used to watch more crappy anime in the past – I mean, I just cannot believe I watched a few harem series (which are those series where’s one guy and a lot of girls befriended with him). So now I’m more specific, but I still watch some mindless series, like The Prince of Tennis, which is actually one of those “how long can you stretch one match”-sort-of-series-that-you-keep-watching. And I have a whole list I still want to watch, mostly mecha series, because the storylines can be pretty cool (Gundam, Eureka 7, Neon Genesis Evangelion – or so I heard). On a small note: don’t go reading too much of the plot lines of these series (as most of the summaries contain lots of spoilers), so just watch them!

Just like my music, I’m pretty specific before watching one: I read some reviews (while trying to avoid spoilers) and impressions and look at the people behind it. Most of the times the people to watch out for are the directors, the concept/story writer and the concept art designer. Sometimes also the studio.

These are actually the important people behind an animation film and even a regular film, but an animation film also has the animation department, one which is often forgotten.

Like I do.

I haven’t found many websites devoting information to Japanese animators, but here’s one, which is largely about that: Anipages Daily. To be quite honest, I haven’t really read much of it, as there’s just so much information there (even though it’s a bit unorganized), but from the posts and articles that I did read, the guy really know his stuff: the people, the history. (especially how he knows about all those oldschool anime) And it’s really fascinating how he observes animation.

He isn’t really into the mainstream anime, so there’s talk about anime you’ve never heard of.

Oh yeah, he’s fan of Studio 4oC.

So there’s stuff I didn’t know, like Masaaki Yuasa worked as animation director for the Crayon Shin-Chan series. Now I know that, it does make sense!

So go read and have fun!