I’ve always wanted to make my own shirts: there’s nothing better than being complimented on how good looking or how funny your shirt is. Okay, maybe there are better things than that, but hey, being complimented on something you didn’t make yourself is a pretty amazing deal!

I like customization and have a lot of ideas for shirts, but it’s pretty expensive to do so. Fortunately it’s getting better: in the past there weren’t stores to customize it for you and you had to order a lot (like at least 30) to get your shirt, but now there are stores that have a machine that presses designs on shirt. Your Cup of T is a store here in Amsterdam where I made a customized shirt. They’re fast (done within an hour), but it does cost at least 25 EURO for one color only.

Once I find my charger I’m gonna make some pictures of the shirts I’ve made, okay?

Nowadays, there are also Internet stores like Spreadshirt or CafePress where you can start your own webshop with your customized shirts, mugs, sweaters, etc. The only thing you have to do is create the design, setup the price and add in your shop. I have no idea how this actually works and even though it sounds tempting, I have never really looked into it. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what the quality is like or don’t know what the legal status of your submitted designs are.

One of the coolest concept though is Threadless, which is basically a community t-shirt creating site. Each week a bunch of designs get submitted by the users and people vote on which one has to be pressed that week. The winner gets their shirt pressed of course, but also recieve additional price money. The thing about this site is that really cool, funny and creative shirts are being made, so watch out every week for a new design!

The last thing I want to mention is that it’s also possible to create shirts yourself without any pressing machine. Get your Edding and start to draw. Or use paint. One creative solution is the Video Game Pixel Art T-Shirt. Just follow the link to read how such a shirt can be created with some tape and paint!

Yeah, I know, I missed a day (because Internet wasn’t working properly here), but I’m going to do an extra post within a few hours – if I don’t fall asleep that is!