I bought a Philips Living Colors lamp about a year ago and I still like that thing. This is probably the first product in my life that I bought because I really liked the commercial (got the Living Colors website, go to “publication and events” and then “TV commercial”). And it’s not because the commercial was so informative, but it was rather a magical commercial with a song so good, nobody knows who has sung it (the speculation goes that Philips just hired an unknown singer). I actually liked the song so much that I made an AMV (Colorful Memories) out of it.

At first, when I heard about Philips’ line-up of products involving their color-changing LED ideas, I thought they were really stupid. Especially Ambilight: a light aura around the television that changes accordingly to whatever’s on screen. I mean, who would want to have that?

Well, me that is.

After seeing demos (check the demo of the Aurea, the last generation of Ambilight televisions), I’m really convinced: the light does matter and not only does it look like it extends your screen, but also adds up to the mood in the room.

Of course, who can afford these televisions? Even though the Aurea television looks really amazing have multiple LEDs around it, three lights, like the 3rd generation (surround) Ambilight television, also look amazing. And the wonderful thing about using three lights is: you don’t really have to buy a Philips TV for that.

That’s right.

There are DIY-people who “modded” their monitor-setup to make something similar like the Ambilight themselves, called MoMoLight and setup that website with instructions how to do it. The only problem is that you have to use BSPlayer, but I don’t mind. So you can use your downloadable content too (like your pr0n :O )and it seems to work for games too. Check out the following demo:

And yeah, I’ve ordered MoMoLight DIY-kit, so I can mod my 37″ Monitor. I can’t wait.