Thoughts on the recycling culture

Written by on 26.05.2008 | Site announcements

I didn’t post for quite a while, but I’m back. I was sort of discouraged by the amount of visitors and was thinking of a good way to attract visitors. I was planning to do a bunch of articles and tutorials, instead of doing this kind of “recycling culture”. Essentially the type of blogging I do boils down to gathering information from different sites, which I think are interesting myself, and add them to my blog. Sometimes with a little bit of my own thoughts between it, but there’s actually not more to it then gathering information.

But I don’t feel entirely satisfied doing this.

And I feel the type WordPress is set up, the content that should be put here should be richer in content. Tumble-logging, as evidenced in sites like are more suitable for the recycle culture. You stumble upon something, whether it be a website, music, a video, a picture or whatever, tumble logs are suitable for quick and dirty posting for stuff you stumble upon. There’s nothing creative in it and actually nothing new, except for content of the collection.

As I’m not interested in diary-style blogs (as in “this-is-what-I’ve-done-today”-posts), I’m currently busy with some posts which will be unique – as in non-recycled-information. So for the people who actually do visit this, there will be some better content in the feature.

But as for now, I’m holding on my standard type of blogging: interesting stuff I’ve found on the Internet will be posted here on, more personal related stuff will be posted on and quick reviews will be posted on That’s the format for now.

And yes, there will be an artwork gallery in the feature, but I’m still thinking whether I will use DeviantArt for that or not. I like community-aspects. But I also like to have my own website with my own looks.

Talking about own looks, that reminds me to change something about this site!


People hate failing, unless you watch it from a distance!

Written by on 12.04.2008 | Comedy, Miscellaneous

I accidentally stumbled upon this blog called The FAIL Blog. It has all kinds of funny images with stuff that is not supposed to be happening, like the following image:


Yeah, this blog does not fail to entertain you! But you should check the comments on whether it’s Photoshopped or not… still fun stuff though!


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Will it blend, that’s the question!

Written by on 10.04.2008 | Comedy, Miscellaneous

Some friend of mine showed me this wierd site today:

Will It Blend is such a wierd site, where they try to put stuff into a blender – and I don’t mean food – and try to see whether the blender can takes it or not. Things like a baseball, iPhone and even a Guitar Hero guitar! They have stuff categorized by “Try this at home” and “Don’t try this at home”, as if they encrouage people to put stuff into their blender other than food! I wonder if you can ever put anything eatable once plastic has been blended. I also wonder how long it actually takes to blend these objects as the videos are all cut and not one-shots.

As you can see from the logo, it’s powered by BlendTec, the brand that makes the TotalBlender, and as you can guess, this is a viral marketing site. The Wikipedia-entry is pretty interesting to read, as it seems that this guy has quite a following!


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The first game I’ve finished in ages!

Written by on 06.04.2008 | Video games

ZOMG! best. game. ever.

Graphics don’t mean shit.



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