Welcome to my little place - both on the Internet and my physical home! As you might have noticed, this space is dedicated to show the various elements in my room. Instructions on how to use this page are on the top, but to explain it again: you can choose between the different categories here on the right (default being "~new~") and then click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of it.
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size: 2.00m x 3.00m win-dows: 2 misc info: heater bed 1: homemade queen-size loft bed bed 2: IKEA king-size PS sleeping couch

processor: AMD Ath-lon 64 3000+ memo-ry: 1 GB SDRAM HDD: 950 GB barebone: Shuttle XPC SK83G

monitor 1: Compaq V710 17" monitor 2: Sun ... 20" monitor 3: Mitsubishi Mega-view 37" upscan converter: X-RGB2+ progressive scan VGA-box: Dreamcast, GameCube, PS2

amplifier: SR stan-dard solid state am-plifier speakers: National Panasonic headphones: Senn-heiser HD570
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